Weekly Prayer Requests 11/11/15

Bro. Mike & Lisa
Sterling Leonard for his health
Michaela’s surgery
Nancy O’Dell for her health. Judy Hillburn, Nancy’s sister for her health.
Monica, Robert & Phillip for their family.
My Aunt Freda and family.
Carla Bergmann passed away, please pray for her family.
A watcher is going through an unwelcome divorce.
Mary is depressed.
Carol Ann Brown needs prayer.
Pray for Pamela’s granddaughter who has run away with a dangerous man who is mixed up in drugs .
John Under and family in the death of his Mother
Nancy needs prayer for wisdom.
Unspoken needs direction in their life.
Pray for Bro. Ellis & Sis. Donna’s grandson in law is in the Hospital in critical condition with kidney & liver failure.
Noel needs prayer for money for gas and food. Satan is attacking their family hard. Pray for his 2 sons.
Natasha needs prayer for her husband is having an affair.
Karen is asking for God’s will for James & Amanda.
James co-worker needs salvation
Chris’s brother
Bernice Whitehead for health.
Betty Walsh
Ann Robinson
Raymond needs prayer for drinking & salvation.
Rose Hinton
Melissa’s mom
Jimmie’s family
Matthew & Paige
Caleb, J.R., Callie, Isaac
David & Linda Twomey health. David is in a lot of pain.
Pray for James & Carrie and Carries grandpa, Harold Clagg,he needs saved.
Carolyn Bergmann has kidney stones & Needs prayer.
Rob Grebe and his family
Dee and her family.
Sara wants prayer
Nancy needs prayer for her heart
Many unspoken requests have come in.
Chris & Tammy for health
Watcher needs prayer for his marriage and his wife
Christine needs God’s help desperately.
Mike & Karen needs prayer. Job for Mike.
Donna Garret need prayer
Roy & Bonnie is asking prayer for themselves and family
Ryan & Sasha are asking prayers for family & friends.
Virginia is asking prayer for her son in law for his health and salvation.
Karen is asking prayers for her family.

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