Weekly Prayer Requests 10/27/15

Bro. Mike & Lisa
Sterling Leonard for his health
Michaela’s surgery
Nancy O’Dell for her health
Monica, Robert & Phillip for their family.
Rose Huddleston and family
Baby Leland is in NCIU with a brain bleed and seizures.
Brittany has a friend with a weed problem,
Ilena needs pray for her husband.
Donna’s children need salvation
Lynette needs prayer.
Watcher needs prayer for her son & his Jezebel girlfriend
Bernice Whitehead for health.
Betty Walsh
Ann Robinson
Sheri Blackwell’s Mother is recovering from surgery
David & Linda Twomey health.
The Hendersons need prayer
Rob Grebe and his family
Dee and her family.
Sara wants prayer for her mother
Josh & Julia Tallent
Jeanne Chapman was diagnosed with aggressive Breast cancer.
Nancy needs prayer for her heart
Many unspoken requests have come in.
Chris & Tammy for health
Watcher needs prayer for his marriage and his wife Christine needs Gods help desperately.
Mike & Karen needs prayer. Job for Mike.
Donna is asking prayer for her son Eric
Donna Garret need prayer
Sheri needs prayer for herself and unspoken
Roy & Bonnie is asking prayer your themselves and family
Ryan & Sasha are asking prayers for family & friend
Noah is asking for prayer
Pray for South Carolina
Robert has unspoken prayer request

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