Prayer Requests 10/19/15

Jackie, Beth & Hope Baptist Church needs prayer
Adeline needs prayer
Bro. Mike & Lisa
Sterling Leonard for his health
Michaela’s surgery
Nancy O’Dell for her health
Monica, Robert & Phillip for their family.
Pray for Eric.
Donna’s brother is very sick
Michael needs prayer for his health
Lynette needs prayer.
Wendy Branham and family.
Bernice Whitehead for health.
Sheri Blackwell’s Mother is recovering from her fall.
Jessica’s friend Danielle needs prayer.
Moreno needs prayer for his family
David & Linda Twomey health.
Keith & Candi need prayer for guidance for a job situation.
Scott needs to be saved.
Rob Grebe and family
Watcher needs prayer for husband and her spiritual life.
Meagan needs prayer for her Jezebel spirit.
Betty Walsh needs prayer
Many unspoken requests have come in.
Ann Robinson
Chris & Tammy for health.
Baskin Family needs prayer.
Celeste needs prayer for her family & restore mercy and grace
Watcher needs prayer for health & job.
Dana Chase needs for difficult times
Mike & Karen needs prayer. Job for Mike.
Donna is asking prayer for her son Eric
Dee and her family and her Mom
Donna Garret need prayer
Jordan needs prayer for his family
Sheri needs prayer for herself and unspoken
Roy & Bonnie is asking prayer your themselves and family
Brett needs help to get closer to God
Ryan & Sasha are asking prayers for family & friend
Watcher needs prayer for his relationship.
Sue has cancer.
Sophie back pain and shots.
Watchers Mom needs prayer.
Caroline from Ireland needs prayer for health issues
Cheryl’s parents has health problems
Noah is asking for prayer
Pray for South Carolina
Robert has unspoken prayer request

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