Weekly Prayer Requests 9/8/15

Bro. Mike & Lisa
Monica, Robert & Phillip for their family.
Sterling Leonard ulcer on his aorta
Bernice Whitehead for health.
Ann Robinson
Chris & Tammy for health.
Dee and her family and her Mom
Jimmie recovering from shoulder surgery
Jane Garrett has a tumor in her mouth is cancer                                                                                                                 Mike from 4-wheeler accident.
Scott’s family.
Rose’s niece Vikki. Her health.
Sheri’s mom, Jodi, is in a coma and slowly passing away.
Glen needs lots of prayer for his health.
Jim having brain surgery for Parknsons Disease.
Kristy is asking prayer for a man she knows who is sick
Trish’s arm.
Nancy has neuropathy in her back and Cellulitis in her legs and feet. In a lot of pain.
Roy & Bonnie’s niece & Roy’s sister. Also, their nephew, Al.
David needs prayer for cancer. David & Linda’s family
Watcher needs prayer for his relationship.
Sue has cancer. Needs healing.
Prayer for Baby Ethan
Pray for baby Logan who has lung cancer
Watcher needs prayer job & spiritual attacks
Alice needs prayer for her husband Benny who had a stroke
can’t use left arm or leg. He is a gospel singer & very independent.B
Rose Hinton needs prayer
Jessica Brewer for health
Our Country and Soldiers.
Pastor David Harrison
Chris Gunn has family issues
Melba needs prayer
Mary Cooley surgery
Penny McCarthy family
Dana Struggres

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