1 thought on “The Raptures Mystery Part 2”

  1. Pastor I keep praying for you and your church, I hope everything went well for you and for everybody that went to that anti – manifestation where the gays were supporting that person who wants to use the girls bathroom. Something really evil is gaining ground little by little with this worldwide homosexual movement, the former governor of (jefe de gobierno) Mexico City instituted marriage between gays, and I think they can now adopt children, every time I see men kissing in public or women kissing each other in public I feel like confuse, when I was a child I never saw such a thing. Pastor I have a comment, a pastor where I used to go to church, there is a pastor that says that “salvation” can be lost. Then I say to myself, if this happens then nobody will be able to be saved, because human nature is sinful, whether I like it or not, this does not mean that I try to live every day totally and deliberately sinning. May G have mercy on our countries because evil is growing by the minute, television, movies of all kind, newspapers, radio programs,(by the way since 2006 I stopped watching TV and reading the newspaper headings, I don´t even listen to the radio, because politicians use the mass media to maintain the population in a dormant state) in general the mass media is used to instill in people evil images, evil thoughts, what it amazes me is that your country is losing the fear of God, but the same thing happened in Europe. What can we expect in my country where most of the population is born and dies under the control of the catholic church. One last comment, some days ago I was commuting in the metrobus and old man like myself made some comments about the bible I was reading and I started telling him several bible verses regarding the salvation, so when we got off the bus he continued walking with me so I said if he does not pray to receive JC it is useless to have told him so may bible verses I know by memory, then I asked if he would like to pray to receive the Lord and he repeated the pray that the Lord gave us, and he asked me if I could teach him this prayer. I have never tried to convince anybody to become a Christian but throughout my christian life God has brought people to my life and they have made a prayer to receive the Lord. I pray for all these people because I know how difficult it is to follow God´s word, and I ask myself if those people are saved, I think that our God´s blood was not spilled in vain. I am not speaking of hundreds, only a few ones, and I have asked God to use my life to gain the souls for HIS kingdom. God Bless you

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