To All Missouri/Jefferson County Residents

Attention Jefferson County Residents. The gay\lesbian agenda crowd will be gathering in Hillsboro on Saturday evening at 5 pm. in support of the boy who wants to go in the girls bathroom. I will be there in support of decency. Will you come and support family values in Jefferson County? Please share and invite others.

2 thoughts on “To All Missouri/Jefferson County Residents”

  1. Apparently Pastor Mike God is answering my prayers for you I used to here you say you were not into being a street preacher this is wonderful and my next prayer is that

    HE will make you a great voice to be heard not only in this situation but many other situations and THE PRAYER

    is already answered BE BOLD
    the Lord is with you

    Your fellow street preachers
    Jack and Wendi

  2. I pray that any of the Lettuce Bacon group who are not twice dead be convicted by those who are standing for the true Gospel, also for protection of the saints, and that any outside instigators will not be able to show up. Also that Lila Perry will repent and be converted.

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