Weekly Prayer Requests 8/18/15

Bro. Mike, Lisa and Caleb

Michael & Alicia in Kenya

David & Linda Twomey

Bernice Whitehead-Health

Ann Robinson-Health

Chris & Tammy-Chris had pneumonia

Tammy was in the hospital with chest pains

Rob Grebe is asking prayer for his daughters

Keijo needs prayer to help fight false doctrine

Theresa asking prayer for her  friend, Ella for health

Sue needs prayer for her  cancer

Please pray for our kids here at Bethel

Alicia needs a car and her current job

Ian needs a place to live.  Praise for Ian, he got a job.

Ryan & Tasha needs a job and a place to live

City of Ferguson

Kenya wells and radio station

Jessica needs gall bladder surgery

Sterling for his health

Dee Politte, Her Mom and family

Jimmies aunt and his sister for health

Jimmie is having shoulder surgery on the 24th of August

Jane for her cancer

Roy’s sister and his niece

Mike healing from accident

Trish’s arm

Monica, Robert, Phillip & Heather

Scott’s family

Watcher needs prayer

Nancy needs prayer

Our Country & Leaders

Dickie Wayne Snider was in a car accident and is in the hospital

Ashley asking prayer Jeannie and her Mom

Jeannie’s mom is in the hospital

2 thoughts on “Weekly Prayer Requests 8/18/15”

  1. Hello Pastor Mike, I would like to request prayers for my son Jim, age 33, who was just diagnosed with cancer. I ask that Jim his wife Jill and their little girl Sophia to be held up in prayer for grace and guidance in facing whatever is to come, (all for the glory and praise of our LORD). In all thanksgiving and praise and glory to our LORD Jesus Christ. Warm regards to you and yours Pastor Mike, Halina Gronowski in Gilbert, Arizona

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