Prayer Requests 8/10/15

Bro. Mike & Lisa
Alicia, Michael and kids
Monica, Robert, Heather, & Phillip for their family.
Sterling Leonard ulcer on his aorta
Bernice Whitehead for health.
Ann Robinson
Dee and her family and her Mom
Jimmie’s aunt had back surgery and not doing good.
Jane Garrett has a tumor in her mouth is cancer                                                                                                                        Mike from 4-wheeler accident.
Scott’s family.
Trish’s arm.
Saska needs prayer
Nancy has neuropathy in her back and Cellulitis in her legs and feet. In a lot of pain.
Roy & Bonnie’s niece has cancer and not doing good. Also, their nephew, Al.
Joy needs prayer for patience with her Dr
Alexander needs prayer
Christina needs Job
The White Family needs prayer
Kristy’s Dad and Sister
David needs prayer for cancer. David & Linda’s family
Watcher needs prayer for his relationship.
Sue has cancer. Needs healing.
Prayer for Baby Ethan
Ashley needs prayer for her health
Leslie’s needs prayer
Deanna needs prayer for severe depression.
Hamisi needs prayer for his health and finances. Also from deliverance from evil attacks & family care.
Pelota is asking prayer for her grandson Derek, that God Will change is heart and mind.
Rose Hinton needs prayer
Ryan for his health
Tracy’s aunt-unspoken
Celeste daughter 16 is rebellious & disobedient & will not go to church.
Phil Blackwell’s Mom
Pete for wife, children & family
Pray for Brian & his wife or their marriage.
Christine’s family
Pam needs prayer for her daughter, salvation and protection of
Minor children. Also Pam needs prayer for herself.
Jessica Brewer for health
Carrie, Jason & Joy want to be kept the prayer list. He soon will be deployed.
Our Country and Soldiers

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