Weekly Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

Bro. Mike recovering from surgery
Rhonda Wilson’s grandson
David & Linda Twomey
Pray for our ministry here.
Bernice Whitehead blood pressure, just not feeling good
Pray for Hugh’s family
Watcher needs prayer for his family.
Kay needs prayer for herself and her family
Daphne wants prayer from Satan and pray for her son & Father
Joseph Armstrong needs prayer for his family.
David needs God’s intervention in a serious court matter. Concerns about his attorney and his financial situation.
Jordan needs aggressive prayer for his family for Their financial needs to be met
Nancy needs prayer                                                                                                                                                                                                              Lola Hensley
David has cancer. His wife & family needs prayer. They have 3 small children.
Rob Grebe’s daughters.
Dee Politte & family
Roy & Bonnie for health
Our Country, President and leaders
Our soldiers

1 thought on “Weekly Prayer Requests”

  1. We are praying for you Brother Mike for a wholesome and solid recovery from surgery and pain-free back! Thank you, your family and Bethel Church for being such a Blessing to us and many others. Ps.86:15
    Brother George & Kathy Lemelin

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