Weekly Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

Bro. Mike & Lisa getting reading to go for néxt surgery
Sis. Ann Robinson & Family. Loss of Bro. Mel
Alicia – getting strength Back from surgery
David & Linda Twomey
Pray for our ministry here.
Bernice Whitehead blood pressure, just not feeling good
Sheri & Paul needs prayer for Job.
Perlita needs prayer for her grandson. He believes in same sex marriage.
Linda needs prayer as her husband has been working away from home
Laura is asking prayer for her husbands ex-wife’s health
Pray for 13 year old Skylynn. She is showing signs for cystic fibrosis
Brother in Christ needs encouragement and protection.
Tamara is asking prayer for her husband and his parents
Students in a high school, where another student shot himself in front of them
Lauren needs prayer as she takes her final exams for school
Aimee needs prayer
Elaine needs prayer
Georganne is asking prayer for her friends grandson
Tabitha’s friend, Jen, needs prayer
Jason Baker needs prayer for his personal life
Lisa’s sister
Roy’s friend and niece
Isaac needs prayer for school.
J.R. needs prayer for his back
Ron needs prayer
Nancy needs prayer
Chris & Tammy need prayer for their family
Rhonda needs prayer for a friend with MS
Zaynab needs prayer for a job and his finances
Leslie needs prayer for her Mom, she broke her toes. Her nephew for drug problems, A close friend has a horrible disease .
Rose Hinton needs prayer for her son, Maynard. He’s having a bad reaction to medicine that stopped his kidneys from working. Her finances
Lauren & her family needs prayer
Lola Hensley
David has cancer. His wife & family needs prayer. They have 3 small children.
Melvyn & Sherry need prayer for their marriage.
Rob Grebe’s daughters.
Dee Politte & family
Rhonda needs prayer for her health.
Roy & Bonnie for health
Our Country, President and leaders
Our soldiers
Bonnie Culver

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