Weekly Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

Bro. Mike & Lisa.
Alicia – gall bladder surgery
David & Linda Twomey
Matt needs prayer for finances & his sons medicine issues
Jason needs prayer for pain in shoulder
Pray for our ministry here.
Bernice Whitehead blood pressure
Sheri & Paul needs prayer. He is losing his job soon
Frieda needs prayer for her health. She is 74 and loves the Lord. She’s In the hospital in Critical Care.
Lauren & her family needs prayer
Huey needs prayer for his 4 month old daughter who is having hernia surgery
A Sister in Christ needs strength & wisdom to stand with marriage/ family chaos
Pamela needs prayer
Shawn has an unspoken request
David has cancer. His wife & family needs prayer. They have 3 small children.
Brady Wilhoite needs prayer
Melvyn & Sherry need prayer for his marriage.
Megan’s husband had a propane tank blow up and has 60 percent of his body’s burned. He’s in St Johns burn unit.
Rose Hinton needs a place to live.
Rob Grebe’s daughters.
Mel & Ann Robinson
Dee Politte & family
Rhonda needs prayer for her health.
Roy & Bonnie for health
Our Country, President, and leaders
Our soldiers
Carrie’s mom, Harpo, traveling mercies for an 8 hour trip
Catherine White & family

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