1 thought on “DNA and the Body of Christ 5-3-15”

  1. Dear Pastor Mike, Thanks for this highly interesting study, which based on the facts and connections made is again one of the wondrous signs we are allowed to experience when studying the word. Thanks for the hard work, the discipline and logic employed to make us see, that our bible (KJV/Reina Valera) contains in fact the DNA of the Church which in return is the DNA of Christ.

    Considering your presentation it came to my mind to check on something I had thought about many years back…

    The Old Testament according to Jewish teaching contains a total of 24 books…the same as our 39 books, but unified as they pertain to special groups or for historic reasons. The thought I was referring to was prompting me to check on the New Testament and its 27 books and by grouping the Letters into one group each based on the recipients or based on authorship, these books are reduced by five books or to 22 books total.

    Bear with me, please:
    24 books plus 22 books, equal 46 books as carriers of information…

    Why 24 books in the Old Testament ???
    The Old Testament is the story of creation and history of the world in the physical state…now, if we consider the 24 books to represent 24 Chromosomes, then we may deduce that we are looking at 22 Chromosomes of general information and take the other two Chromosomes as the “sexual chromosomes”, which are the ones responsible for procreation…of a physical world…then the information contained in the 24 books refer in all aspects to the creation and history of a world fallen in sin…

    The New Testament (22 books), in analogy, now relay to us the spiritual information of re-creation and re-generation on the next higher level through the second part of 22 Chromosomes, which contain all information necessary for the final version of the perfected creation on Earth as it is in Heaven…(22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet permit to express all creative work of GOD, Glory be to him and to him only)

    Therefore, based on your presentation, I humbly present this re-structuring (just for the purpose and in context to your findings) and find in it another spiritual gift of God given to us, assisting us to grow in Faith through the Love of His Word, diligently considering the information for men contained therein through his “46 Chromosome books”.

    I don’t want to bore you by going into more descriptive details as the above appears to me self explanatory, though it could serve as a base for more detailed considerations.

    Again I should like to thank you for your tireless work, through which you are a blessing to all of us, who have the honour to see & hear you by the Grace of God.
    May our Lord richly bless you, your family and the Bethel Church…in and out of the Bunker.

    Best regards, Johann+

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