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  1. Pastor Mike, you should find a video on how they raise chickens nowadays… it used to take a baby chick 6 months to grow. Now, with hormones and “DNA” changes, now it only takes them a month. Chickens that used to lay one egg a day now lay 10.

  2. Dear Pastor Mike, I believe the Lord shared your site with me when I prayed for wisdom. Little did I think I would find someone who loves Yeshua and had been down the many mystery pathways I have for over five decades. I began at age 9 believing in God with an agnostic mother and a Masonic stepfather . My story and my search goes on from there. If there is anyway you and I could talk and someday meet and compare notes, it would be a great delight. I am 68 and presently working on a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Calvary Chapel University. I hope to continue to a Masters in Apologetics. By the way I think you are right on the money concerning the Nephilim of old and the coming Nephilim. May the Lord Jesus the Christ cover you always under His feathers.

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