Weekly Prayer Requests

Prayer requests:

Bernice for her health.
Lola Hensley needs prayer for her health
Roy & Bonnie Hemphill- his brother & sister-in-law are in the hospital with pneumonia. They are in their late 80’s.
Courtney is asking prayer for her mother-in-law, Connie is in the hospital with stomach problems.
Michael & Alicia in Kenya
Yolanda- Can her marriage be saved.
Michael & Rachel need prayer for his job and ankle was injured at work. Waiting on Workman’s Compensation.
James needs prayer and guidance. His niece & nephew are homosexuals. They don’t want to hear about salvation.
Groan- needs prayer for many things his wife and himself. He has been in porn & adultery since he was a child, & can’t give it up, even though he is saved
Emily- her husband healing. And herself a lot of health problems both.
Morgan’s son Peyton, is 6 years old, and very sick. The dr’s can’t find the problem. He has abnormal cells in his brain tissue.
Ashley- Prayer for our country. People who are are & committing
voyeurism against her now & before. She wants purity in her heart.
Shalini is asking prayer for her sister, Yvonne, has a lump the size of a tennis ball in her abdomen.
Watcher is wanting to conceive.


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