Weekly Prayer Requests

Praise God! Our staff is starting to get back to normal from illness.
Lisa Hoggard to get better soon.
Matthew Hoggard for good health
Paige has a job interview Thursday
Jimmie’s sister, Mariane Bloom had open
heart surgery Wednesday. Please pray for her
Mary Grebe is sick
Rofhiwa needs healing from back pain
Carrie & John needs prayer.
Florine & her husband need prayer for finances
Rebecca has an unspoken request
The Bethel Group needs protection from Satan,
as so many are under attack.
Alina for her and her friend, Gabriela. Needs leave
Daniel is considering sucide. He is demon possessed
Bonnie’s Mom had a stroke, her Dad has heart problems,
Sister is unsaved, Bonnie needs guidance
Joshua’s nephew was in a serious accident caused by a
Drunk driver. Serious cut on his head
Jerrod’s job
Ed Bell pray for family
Dee’s family
Roy’s nephew and sister-in-law
Police officers, soldiers, and our country
Melissa’s daughter, Holly
Donna asking prayer for her 92 year old mother who was
Just diagnosed with breast cancer. Pray for her
Salvation, she’s a staunch Catholic.
Noeline, is asking prayer for her husbands drinking problem,
To rid her home of alcohol
Group Home & Staff needs prayer
Rose’s Aunt Hazel needs prayer for heart problems

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