2 thoughts on “The Devil’s Horns-Watchman Video Broadcast 3-8-15”

  1. Great stuff(ministering) pastor(P), thanks to the great God, His great grace, and His Great Son’s word in the great KJV. Though I don’t deserve it, great Spirit for me! I found you through one brother’s you tube selections(Dave Flang). It’ll be hard to pick not your output! It’s 1:25am, I’ve got to get sleep, but…. the ending of “clouds of darkness” was cut off when was that posted(you mentioned November)?, I watched that one and the next one as first time watcher.. Hope reply, I further respond, goodnight.

  2. A correction, my error. I watched “technological witchcraft” and it seemed to be cut of at the end, and then I watched what seemed to be the next, “clouds of darkness”. Then, afterward, I browsed your Watchman site for first time, but couldn’t find these in the archives.
    I have about 10-20% dink-correction on this little android screen, (all I have at home right now).
    And by the way, praise the LORD that ya’ll are able to publish the word, thus and so, so far, AMEN. Lord bless in Jesus Christ’s word.

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