2 thoughts on “Pastor Mike Online 3-5-15”

  1. Those are the same tones used in binaural sounds. In their context they can help you focus, but the rest is hooey…that guy is scary just to look at,your spirit says “whoa”. You can get binaural noise for free on You tube,

  2. Pastor Mike,
    I am an immigrant from Eastern Europe, came to America at age 8. When you speak about the children in Africa and the living conditions even now, I totally get it. Prior to 1967 I was bare foot, barely dressed, without a pencil or paper, (we played in the mud with a stick to practice our writing. My precious memory as a kid was when my godmother sewed me underwear made out of flannel cloth and when I put them on I was so happy for a warm bum, we danced around in our little straw hut. God brought me to America in 1967. Life as an immigrant was still very hard. We a family of 6 moved in to a tenement apartment in CT right next to a tenement apartment full of black families. I had never seen black people before. The kids were just as curious about us strangers as we were about them. They had fun trying to fool us that to ask for this should be stated as give me a kiss 🙂
    Here I am now, and I marvel at Gods goodness and grace. We all survived and have each suffered our losses and triumphs. Through it all, I am just in awe and humbled and overjoyed with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and that he has been faithful to me even when I was not. Thank you Jesus, All Glory and honor and praise is yours. Hallelujah!
    Thank you for your messages Pastor Mike, I love it that I can check you against the King James Bible and so far you are doing a good job Keep it up. The Lord Keep you,
    Sorry, a little wordy,

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