Weekly Prayer Requests

Bro. Mike is having a lot of back pain
Rhonda’s son and her new grandson.
Bernice Whitehead for her health
J.R. needs prayer
Roy & Bonnie Hemphill. Roy’s brother & wife
Rose’s family
Jodi need prayer
Michaela for her eyes
Pray for our staff here at Bethel
Pray for people harassing our Pastor and staff
Paige needs a job
Linda Carmickle is asking prayer for her Mother & Father-in-law.
Linda Twomey for her health
Michelle needs prayer for her ankle
Ilean needs healing for her back
Jack needs prayer for a job and other problems in he life.
Amy’s health
Dan is asking prayers for new members joining the group
Cynthia is asking prayer for Vivian
Pray for Johnny
Watcher needs consistent prayer in his life
Elena needs prayer for herself and her family
Celeste needs prayer for her family & friends
Paul needs prayer for himself & his family
Sheri is asking for her kids.


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  1. Lord Jesus,
    Thank you for Pastor Mike and the sheep at Bethel Church from one little lamb far away. Help us to do your will and keep our feet on the straight path and our face neither to the right or to the left but on you Lord. Thank you for your word and the grace to know, love and serve you according to the Father’s will. All praise and glory is yours,
    Yours truly with all gratitude and praise,

  2. Please pray for my son Christopher , he is going through some very hard times from a woman whom he was engaged with and left him for other men, we have told him to pray and trust the Lord and he is praying but he still is in deep despair
    and depression and needs prayers, I have put a prayer request for my wife Marlene and she is going through her treatment and is doing well, her last radiation is on this coming Monday 3/8/15 and has 5 more days with Chemo . She is doing very good, a lot better than expected and her doctors are very happy and positive with her progress, This is what we feel is because of the prayers that was requested from Bethel Church and of all the people who prayed for her. Thank you very much for the prayers God bless you all.
    Tim and Marlene Burns

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