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  1. God bless you, Pastor Mike, and thank you–I had been very concerned that the line might be crossed when it came to the things you were saying about Israel, and I have no idea what exactly might trigger the curse of God mentioned in Genesis 12:3. If we somehow do harm to Israel even in the eyes of the world, especially right now, I believe the fulfillment of that promise God gave to Israel through Abraham[Abram] begins, and I never wanted that to happen.

    I love Israel, and I take it for granted that the Jewish people are no more evil than the entire human race is evil in the sight of Almighty God. My step-grandfather was Jewish and he was the best. I loved him very much. Not one human being is perfect, save for Christ, so no matter what religious practices people adopt when they do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior, they remain separated from God, and so remain in the evil we were all born into due to being members of the fallen human race. I have learned not to react in a negative way to anything I might spot in the eyes of unbelievers, because, even though it’s very disturbing to witness[things such as arrogance, disdain, etc.], yet it’s so normal to the unsaved that in order to continue loving them, ignoring what’s really in there, in their eyes, is a must for me. I am so glad the Lord put it in my heart that I needed to come back and listen to what you had to say about Israel in this video. It put my mind at rest, and I thank you very much. 🙂

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