Weekly Prayer Requests

Roy & Bonnie Hemphill needs prayer for Roy’s brother &this wife. Health
Bernice Whitehead for her health.
Betty Walsh health
Lola Hensley health
Lindsay needs prayer for waiting for the new baby to be born
Matthew for a job
Linda Twomey health
Michael & Alicia traveling
David- a friend just found out their 6 year old son has a tumor on the brain.
Emily best friend’s son needs prayer for health and a job. Emily wants to move closer to Bethel to Bro. mike’s preaching. They need better jobs and they are drowning in hospital bills.
Jennifer needs prayer for her brother & sister. God know the problem.
Dennis is asking for prayer for his Team Leader at work. Her mother just passed Away.
Barbara needs prayer teaching in a new school. The building is gated and locked
Judy had surgery and may need more. Her liver is enlarged
Nancy & Robert health
Jerilynn has a new baby & they can’t find out what is wrong. They are running tests.
Neil Bullock needs a job and to discern the Lords will.
Bob Clement and family.
Dave & Kathy is asking prayer for the lost.
Beth unspoken prayers
Rose in Nevada needs prayer.

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