Weekly Prayer Requests

Pastor Mike & Lisa Hoggard
Our Country, Leaders, Soldiers
Kimberly Benz has Rheumatoid Arthritis
Betty Walsh
Roy & Bonnie Hemphill for their health
William needs prayer for his 16 year old son’s health
Aimee needs prayer for depression
Sunita needs prayer for her marriage
Dee Politte & Family they are sick
Timmy having oral surgery on the 18th
Pastor Thieringo needs prayer for demonic and persecution for preaching Gods Word
A watcher is asking prayer for marriage
Watcher needs prayer for finances
Rose needs a place to live,
Rhonda Stone’s Dad & Mom for health
Linda Twomey health problems
Hazel Waymire health
Bernice Whitehead health
Rob, Mary & children need prayer
Alleane Estes health
Lola Hensley health
Mel & Ann Robinson health
Sheri Blackwell’s Dad & Mom for health
Tammy Dotson’s son in the military
Ann from England- Michael has cancer
Rob & Mary & children need prayer
Roma’s sister & niece
Kaladevi & Rommy’s sister has cancer
Julian high blood pressure & diabetis
Watcher & unborn baby
Vicky needs prayer for herself.
Salvation for Lacey, Paul, Virgil, & Mark
David needs prayer for stepson
Watcher needs prayer for stress at work
Marianne’s husband
Karen wants prayer for her daddy.
Ilean for her mom’s health, eldest child and herself.
Donna for her grown children
Susan needs prayer
Anna for her son & daughter
Patty for her niece-unsaved
Lori for her back and other health issues.
Steve needs prayer.
Donna needs prayer for her grown children
Carla’s family-job
Sasha needs prayer for her family as they are catholic
Paige’s friend has stage 4 cancer
Lynette has lumps. Needs prayer