1 thought on “Pure Bible Study-The False Prophet 1-7-15”

  1. Hey Brother Mike, I listened to your last study, and then I thought of a verse, so I looked it up and compared it with three different Bibles, all KJV of course and found something that makes me scratch my head, so I figured I would ask you to maybe elaborate on this, you and I are on the exact same page as far as The word of God is concerned I checked my online Bible KJV, my KJV from LocalChurchBiblePublishers.com and a pdf of The pure Cambridge edition and all were the same. So if you could maybe help me to understand this, I would appreciate it! It is these two verses and my confusion is in the capitalization of Spirit in Acts 2:17 when it isn’t in Joel 2:28. Any Help? Thanks, Jack Keesee, Only1trueGod on YouTube.

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