Prayer Requests

Paige was in auto accident
Chris for his health
Pastor Mike and family
Lola Hensley-health
Linda Twomey-health
Kimberly Benz for arthritis
Hazel Waymire
Bernice Whitehead
Mel & Ann Robinson
Betty Walsh and family
The Group Home and workers
Roy and Bonnie Hemphill
Dee Politte and family
Shaddi-Her husband’s health
Watcher is asking prayer for her health
Amos-Needs a job and direction
Eileen is asking prayer for her brother, his youngest daughter and peace in their home.
A watcher is asking prayer for health and keep all evil from her
Oleanders- Her son, Raul. He suffers from deep depression.
Vicki- Salvation for her husband and two sons.
Beau is sick.
Eric in his 30’s just found out a couple of weeks ago he has terminal Cancer. He is depressed and has disappeared.
A watcher needs prayer for finances
Anna has teeth problems
Jill is asking prayer for her sister-in-law
Rose needs a place to live.
Rhonda Stone’s Mon and Dad
Sheri Blackwell’s Dad and Mom
Michael has cancer
Rob, Mary and children
Our Country and Leaders


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