Prayer Requests 11-30-14

Pastor Mike & Lisa Hoggard
Our Country, Leaders, Soldiers
Kimberly Benz has Rheumatoid Arthritis
Betty Walsh
Roy & Bonnie Hemphill for their health
Dee Politte & Family are sick
Timmy having oral surgery on the 18th
Rose needs a place to live,
Rhonda Stone’s Dad & Mom for health
Linda Twomey health problems
Hazel Waymire health
Bernice Whitehead health
Rob, Mary & children need prayer
Alleane Estes health
Lola Hensley health
Mel & Ann Robinson health
Sheri Blackwell’s Dad & Mom for health
Tammy Dotson’s son in the military
Melissa Cooley’s Uncle in health
Ann from England- Michael has cancer
John Yarborough having eye
surgery on the 12th
Rob, Mary & children need prayer
Roma’s sister & niece
Kaladevi & Rommy’s sister has cancer
Julian high blood pressure & diabetes
Watcher & unborn baby
Vicky needs prayer for herself.
Salvation for Lacey, Paul, Virgil, & Mark
Charles needs prayer for his life.
Marianne’s husband is a teacher & was
almost attacked by students. The school’s leadership is closing
their eyes. The kids are into drugs & completely
out of control.
Karen wants prayer for her mother and father. He had a massive brain bleed.
Phillip is asking prayer for Dr. Ron Brewer. He has stage 4 liver cancer.
Samdal- her son to quit drinking & be saved.
Rajesh needs deliverance from witchcraft.
Ileane for her mom’s health
Donna for her grown children
Jessica & Erica wants their home back.
Lori for her back and other health issues.
Steve needs prayer as he is writing a book & Sunday School newsletter.
Donna needs prayer for her grown children
Carla’s family-job
Sasha needs prayer for her family as they are catholic
Paige’s friend has stage 4 cancer
Lynette has lumps. Needs prayer

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