3 thoughts on “Technological Witchcraft-The Singularity pt. 5 11-2-14”

  1. Pastor, I’m watching your video on youtube right now, and just thought of another example of a civilization being controlled by machines who rule their lives. It’s the movie, “The Day The Earth Stood Still”. It was one of my all-time favorites back when I was growing up. In the movie it all seems so perfect. But, I am so glad the Lord has helped me realize just how dangerous what people are doing really is, when it comes to the fantasy they are pursuing involving creating a machine that will rule over them! They are in effect–nuts–their brains are in backwards, I’m convinced! If God the Father tells us “No” to something we wish to do, they insist on saying “Yes!”. Rebellion is their middle name for sure!

    There was one other thing that came into my mind as I was watching your video, but by the time I managed to get over here to post this note, I’d forgotten it! I’m old [65], so please forgive my forgetfulness! If I remember it I’ll come back here and post it in another note.

    Thank you, Pastor Hoggard, very much for all that you are doing for the Lord, for the glory of God, and for His kingdom. I still have many of your videos to watch yet, and I am enjoying and appreciating them more and more all the time, and am so glad the Lord has finally led me to your youtube channel. I’ve been searching for a Christian minister whom I could actually learn from, when it comes to God s Word. The rest of them pale in comparison to your teachings. Some have actually been shown to me, by what you’ve revealed about them in your videos, to be false teachers, and I am very grateful to you for exposing their teachings for what they really are–cabalistic nonsense! 🙂

  2. Pastor–I remembered what I was going to comment on–it was about the name of “Adam Kadmon”–My husband is from New Jersery, and he always used to refer to asphalt as “McCadam”–now, it hit me that Adam Kadmon sounded so much like McAdam, but I realized it might be apropos because, “McCadam” /”Adam Kadmon” is sort of an Anagram for “Asphalt”[just add in another “s”, and change the “ph” to an “f”]–or, in other words, for satan, who’s the one hiding inside that “Adam Kadmon”, and who is leading those lost souls further and further away from God and Christ every single day–it made sense to me!

    Also–those people involved in this cabala worship/belief system apparently have a [g]od whom the Egyptians also used to worship, and his name is Osiris–it was someone who hated him that killed him, and cut his body into many pieces[can’t remember how many], and scattered his body parts hither-and-yon. It was his lover or wife [can’t remember which she was] who tracked down all of Osiris’s many body parts that she could find, but she couldn’t find them all–she couldn’t fine his ‘private part'[it embarrassing to talk about this ridiculous myth]. But, those tall obelisks found all around the world were built to represent that one body part she could never find–it sounds as crazy as it is, but that’s what my research has brought to light for me over the last 8 to 10 years. Anyway, I believe they do equate Adam Kadmon TO Osiris of Egyptian myth, and Osiris is thought to have actually been NIMROD of biblical ‘fame’. That totally amazes me no end! 🙂

    Thank you, Pastor, and God bless your efforts on His behalf, because it’s such a blessing for me, and all of us ,whom He has led to find your teachings on His Word.

  3. Pastor–since this is the first time I’ve posted on here, I had written a reply to you that seems to have been lost!–that’s why I said that I’d just remembered what it was I had wanted to say to you, in the beginning of this other note! I’d re-write it, but now I can’t remember exactly what I’d talked about in it! {Senior Moments as they’re called] It’s tough being 65! 🙂 Thank you, and God bless your efforts on His behalf, on the Lord’s behalf and for those of us who love Him as well as for those who do not yet know Him, and also for His kingdom. 🙂

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