Prayer Requests 11-2-14

Prayer Requests:
Sheri & family
Louann-having surgery to repair carotid from stroke
John & Michelle-loss of baby to SIDS
Trish-back pain
Grace-driver test
Rose-for a place to live
Gail-recovery from neck surgery
Ossi’s daughter Emily
Unspoken for a job
Edmund-family and job
William-family, healing, & to keep Jesus as their foundation
Watcher needs prayer for finances, success in all things, protection of our land, Bible Seminar
The Waymire family
Bernice Whitehead
Alleane Estes
Lola Hensley
Mel & Ann Robinson
Sherri Blackwell’s dad had open heart surgery
Tammy Dotson’s son in the military
Bren’s mother who is very sick
Russell needs prayer
Elaine-Robert, James & Jonathan. Her sons father passed away
Lizet asking for prayer for Nara with spiritual battle since accepting Jesus
Linda Carmickle-friend Phyllis has a blood clot
Roy Hemphill’s brother
Aguigo-prayer for Pastor Thieringo
Marion Atherley-loss of husband due to cancer
Anita-salvation for family, as well as Craig’s family, for healing & restoration in relationships, and to praise God for steady employment
Mike-family friend, Connie, is having a tumor removed
Andrea-Prayer for hers and Justin’s relationship
Vicki-prayer for health. Has to see oncologist

4 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 11-2-14”

  1. Thank you PM for sending these prayer requests to me. I watch your Sundays and Wednesdays church services and hear the prayer requests and try and remember a couple of them to make sure and pray for them..but sending this to my email makes it so much easier to remember names and have my prayers be more specific. I love and pray for you, your family, and your congregation as well..and I thank you for all your hard work and for loving the KJ Bible! God bless you! I pray for your safety and strength, and I hope your back isn’t hurting too badly these days!

  2. Please place me and my family on your,prayer,request . I found out I have stage 4 cancer … It’s in my spine , lung and lymph node in lung ! And I worry what will come of my wife . She needs me ,,, I for one am ready if the Lord will poor out his grace and mercy on me and forgive me of my Sins . Am more than ready to meet my Lord and get out of this world that is falling apart, but I am scare for my fife to be left alone , this is such of a crul world,to leave her in with me here to take care of here … PLEASE .. Pray,for us …. Greg & Lisa from Huntsville, Al..

    1. Greg, we will most definitely put you on our prayer request list. We will pray that God takes care of you and your family during this trying situation and that He can give peace to you and those around you.
      Love in Christ,

  3. Do you have any prayer request? Do you need
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    say’s in the book of James 5:16…The effectual
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    Merry christmas in advance……

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