Prayer Requests 11-2-14


Prayer Requests:
Sheri & family
Louann-having surgery to repair carotid from stroke
John & Michelle-loss of baby to SIDS
Trish-back pain
Grace-driver test
Rose-for a place to live
Gail-recovery from neck surgery
Ossi’s daughter Emily
Unspoken for a job
Edmund-family and job
William-family, healing, & to keep Jesus as their foundation
Watcher needs prayer for finances, success in all things, protection of our land, Bible Seminar
The Waymire family
Bernice Whitehead
Alleane Estes
Lola Hensley
Mel & Ann Robinson
Sherri Blackwell’s dad had open heart surgery
Tammy Dotson’s son in the military
Bren’s mother who is very sick
Russell needs prayer
Elaine-Robert, James & Jonathan. Her sons father passed away
Lizet asking for prayer for Nara with spiritual battle since accepting Jesus
Linda Carmickle-friend Phyllis has a blood clot
Roy Hemphill’s brother
Aguigo-prayer for Pastor Thieringo
Marion Atherley-loss of husband due to cancer
Anita-salvation for family, as well as Craig’s family, for healing & restoration in relationships, and to praise God for steady employment
Mike-family friend, Connie, is having a tumor removed
Andrea-Prayer for hers and Justin’s relationship
Vicki-prayer for health. Has to see oncologist