4 thoughts on “Saul and Solomon – Sermon notes.”

  1. Thank you, Pastor Mike. I attended a Baptist Church, Sunday School, as a child. Went to vacation bible every summer. I got baptized in my church @ 10yrs. old. I had always thought I was saved. In 1982, I was really convicted of the sinful life of drinking, smoking reefer, just living a double life, while still attending church every Sunday. I finally turned my life over to Christ, left the church of my youth, began attending a “non-denominational” church over the next 25 yrs. The preacher began to have Bible studies, reading out of “The Purpose Driven Life” book, then about 4-5 years ago he started promoting “The Alpha Course” sponsored by the Holy Brompton Church in England. I was led by the Lord, to happen to hear you speak on the southwest radio program, about 4-5 yrs. ago. I then found your website and began listen to your church services, & listening to your video programs. I finally “came out from among them” my former church two years ago. (I was a Deacon } I now attend Bethel Church online for every service. I live in the Phila, Pa. area. I just wanted to thank you. I am also dealing with my membership with the Gideons International, since they started promoting the ESV bible. I do have the option to distribute the KJV bible and will continue passing out the KJV Bible, I used to pass out the NKJV, until I listened to your video on King James bible code. Thanks, my brother, continue to preach the gospel. May the LORD continue to bless you, your family and all the members of Bethel Church.

  2. Dear Pastor Mike, I just wanted to let you know that this Sunday morning’s sermon and this evening’s Saul and Solomon service was such a blessing to me and my husband. It is giving me such a more deeper perspective than I originally had. I want to thank you so much for preaching what the Holy Spirit leads you to preach. I pray the good Lord continues giving you strength and courage and keeps you, your family and your congregation safe and walking with the Lord..God bless you PM I love you!
    yours in Christ Jesus
    Dan and Cherri

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