3 thoughts on “Home Church and Evangelism”

  1. Thank you Pastor Mike and we give all glory to the Lord for confirming just what we have been doing for over 2 years now. There is no KJV bible believing church in our area, and we have considered you our Pastor for a very long time. We are praying that God will bring more who are of the same heart and mind to our home where we can all worship and hear the Word of God together. It feels very lonely at times, as we feel there are very few who have the same faith and belief in God’s Word today as we do. God Bless you and our Bethel Church family. We love ya’ll down there in Missouri. Perry and Anne Blackwood, Cambridge, Ontario Canada

  2. Thanks Mike for your advice on house Church, I am praying that this may be ideal for my household, we have been to a couple of churches were rick warren was taught rather than Bible study, we left there and went back to our old church as my wife likes the fellowship there, they teach from NIV I have talked with deacon and Pastor about they should use KJV but they reacon that newer translations is better and KJV is hard for people to understand, they also couple of years back brought the book the Shack and I told them that the book is total Heresy but they not interested, what should I do , Many Blessings Ray adams

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