A New Way to Download

We are adding a new service to our viewers, a way to directly download the Watchman Broadcast and other videos directly from us in full DVD quality.  Here is the first link to The Divine Spark part 1.  Others to follow.


8 thoughts on “A New Way to Download”

  1. I usually download just to hear the watchman video, as my tablet won’t play videos, only watch on utube. I tried the new download and it was taking very very long, so I had to cancel the download. Thought you might like to know.


  2. Thank you Pastor Mike and the Bethel Church team. I tried to download from the link and it gave me a 509 error. Too much public traffic. Praise the Lord people are wanting the meat of the Word of God they have shut down the servers!!! This is JD from NC BTW.

      1. JDZBLOGZ, you are absolutely right! Greater are they that are with us, than they that are with them (enemy)! Now that the science world (google) is offering skin electronic tattoos, it serves to confirm how exact and true the King James Bible is and how much God loves us – to forewarn us of the devil’s tactics.

  3. I’ve tried to download twice as well; yesterday and today. The “too much public traffic” message mentioned above was displayed.

    I’ve tried to translate into Portuguese the ones downloaded from the Watchman Community but the free program did not support the format. Anyway, we can always post youtube videos on facebook and if people are interested, they’ll watch it.

  4. Oh thank you. I was thinking on sending you an email for something like this, looks like I don’t have to now lol. Do you know of any good kjv only/believing bible college there in the US?

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