11 thoughts on “Bethel Studio Fire”

  1. So glad no one was hurt….that the Lord directed you to the church at the right time….and that your sense of humor is still intact! 🙂

  2. Pastor Mike, I’m glad no one was hurt and that there was no major damage to your equipment and the rest of the church building… isn’t it amazing how God works with others to “prompt you” to stop by just to take care of things in His perfect timing!!! I appreciate your ministry and hope you will be back 100% real soon.

  3. Oh my God! Hope nobody is hurt. Doesn’t look like massive fire and hopefully there is not too much damage. God bless your work, Pastor Mike, and it seems that he protected the place against the worst case. Please continue your series and don’t let you distract from your way.

    Best Regards

    Ole from Germany

  4. Well, Pastor Mike, it is surely true that the devil doesn’t like what you do there, and I can just see him coming in there and getting so boiling mad when he sees for himself your little old church and knowing the impact you’re having, the fire probably started when the flames started shooting out of his ears. HAAA! I don’t think it will be slowing you’all down much, though. Funny that I had a dream of meeting you and our family last night! God bless you and I pray that you just keep on truckin’ . Praise God for sending you there just when He did, and getting the fire department there so quickly!

  5. Looks to me that the new AC unit was improperly grounded, then somehow became energized, as the ceiling grid is well-grounded through all or the 2×4 fluorescent light fixtures.

    The light fixtures seem to be properly wired by the Type MC cable, but the cable is improperly supported, and needs to be independently supported from the wires that the ceiling is hung by.

    also make sure that the fuse or breaker is of proper size, too large of a fuse or breaker would cause the wires to burn up without tripping.

    I hope everything gets back on track soon, and I will be praying.
    God has blessed my life with Bethel Church and pastor Mike.

  6. I am so happy that Pastor Mike will be streaming a live service on Sunday October 20th 2013. Great! God bless you Pastor Mike your family & Ministry.

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