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    • Deborah Bays

      I frequently pray for you, and I will pray in particular for this trip. May Jesus protect and bless your travels…!

  1. suez62suez

    That is wonderful that the Lord is letting you reach out into other states in person. I wish you would come to the Waterloo Iowa area. If you hear any good King James Bible churches in the Waterloo, or Cedar Falls, Iowa area, please let me know, as I don’t know of any! I want to be in a body, but can’t find one. Yours in Christ, sue

  2. suez62

    That is wonderful. Do you know of any good KJV Bible pastors in the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Iowa area? I am looking for one, but not having much success! God Bless you!

  3. Norm Madson

    Watchman Community is set up so it requires site password first before I enter MY password. Guess what!! I don’t remember YOUR password so I can’t log in. Norm Madson Sent From My iPhone



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