2 thoughts on “The Fourth Kingdom – Part 3”

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    I have a great deal of respect for this pastor. He never makes an assertion or a statement without providing the scriptures that prove it out. If you want to understand occult symbolism from a Scripture perspective, you can learn a lot about what is going on in the world in this present time from is videos. They are all pretty long. But extremely thorough. His church is tiny, but their reach is global. The Lord led our family to his ministry online a few years back, and I can tell you as a certainty, that what I have learned from His resources helped lay the groundwork for the ministry of my blog and what I do at Servehiminhewaiting.com. His use of scripture helped me to understand many of the things God was already showing me in regards to what’s happening in these last days.

  2. Pastor Hoggard,

    I just listened to this weeks Watchman Broadcast Power Part1 on you tube from your http://www.visitbethelchurch.com site. Was in great need after a stressful weekend and have not received your post in my email box yet. On the related subjects that you can play next was Russ Walden’s You are a Principality and a Power. I listened 8 minutes to him give received instance revaluations from God, but I did not sense the POWER OF GOD in Russ Walden words. Is he a Joyce Meyers/Joel Olsteen witchcraft teacher? I have an extremely heavy burden right now and I listened to your broadcast and found hope. 8 minutes of this man I felt the weight return…I do not have time to to write a book of my troubles nor do you have time read it. Thank you and the Bethel Church people who pray and support this ministry. I give out Bibles to those that express an interest and your DVDs to everyone who will take them. Like the Lady I over heard at a rummage sale talking to another lady from a local church that does not use the KJV. When the two separated I approached the one that said she needed to buy a Bible…I told her I would give her one if she wanted it. Explained the books, chapters, and verses are God’s Word not the footnotes and commentaries. I was out of Bearing Precious Seed Bibles. Another Bible was given to the “hotdog man”. Road side vender full of questions and tattoos. Every time I stop for hotdogs he complains about slow business and ask a question, six or better customers stop. I gave him DVDs on the topic of the questions he asks. He is overwhelmed but listening. I think I know why his business picks up like that but have not had time to tell him. He brought me a lawn chair because I am handicapped and I have sat there for up to three hours and he has a steady business as long as I am there. I will be out a couple of times this week so I plan to eat dogs and pray God blesses his word. He tried to give me a hotdog free but I know he is trying to make a living and tell him the Word of God is free and God provides for me. God bless you all for what you all have done for me. Please pray for me that I do not lose heart waiting for God’s answer. God help! God show me! God bless you all! Patricia


    Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2013 02:36:25 +0000 To: traveler_01@hotmail.com

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