4 thoughts on “Wilderness Point Camp Day 1”

  1. Well done I enjoyed that video very much. Nice music also. Wished I was there . God Bless you all David Roy Holmes aye. lol

  2. Wish we could be there with you Pastor Mike. Reminds me of Bible camp I went to as a kid. Swimming, volleyball, baseball and lots of time in Gods Word and singing camp songs. When you sang “Do Lord” I cried. Those were such precious times! I know that God had his hand on me even then. Though I strayed for many years, I believe it was those early years of good King James bible teaching that brought me back into the Father’s arms and saved me from all my sins. Thank you Lord! God bless you and our family. Have a very blessed time while you are there.

  3. Looks like fun…. Have a great time, let God’s word shine. They will be blessed to have you preach!

  4. Great fun!! Brings back memories of my Bible Camp days & also my daughter Terra’s camp days!! She is already 26, Married & has a 2 yr. old! Hopefully Bible Camps will still be around when she is old enough to go! Looks like you have a great bunch of kids & helpers. Thanks for posting!! The back ground music was awesome too! Margaret C.

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