4 thoughts on “Another Jesus, Another Spirit, Another Gospel Part 1”

  1. This is a landmark study Pastor Mike! You are doing a great job exposing this fake Jesus wolves in sheeps clothing movement that has assaulted the churches and our Bible. This is very needed.

  2. Outstanding teaching! I thank God for you Pastor Mike. This study of solid KJV Bible has so fed my spirit and I have been nourished and built-up in my faith.

  3. Good teaching pastor. But, just as at the 1:02 mark into this teaching (and elsewhere of course), when you correctly spoke of false teachers, I would also include clear warning of the modern version bible users/promoters too. Even those that knowingly then fellowship/joint ministry work with them as brethren, because this sublety of perversion in doctrine on the pages of modern versions can otherwise become accepted compromise due to allowing the “personalities of men weaken the biblical seperation of protection” we are to keep. An example of this would be Chris Pinto not holding to the KJV as inerrant truth, but rather as he states it, “TR only, KJV mostly”. This will be as a stumbling block to some. And then of course, because of this weakness and doubt, Chris has no problem to fellowships/joint ministry work with men like Brannon Howse who uses the NKJV, who promotes other modern versions such as ESV and NASB, and will openly criticize the KJV and its supporters. There is danger within our own camp to be warned of that is beyond the obvious cult religions. Thank you for your KJV stand pastor Hoggard, and your ministry in service to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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