8 thoughts on “I Tread On Serpents”

  1. Pastor Mike, I love listening to your online Bible studies as well as watchmen on the wall broadcasts. However, I cringe ever time you say,”I am opening up my “Can of King James. I loved it when you referred to our KJB as your old friend. I’m disturbed because my dad, always opened his ‘can of snoose’, my youngest brother opens his 24pack of beer, so there are many, “cans” out there. I personally am offended when you use that term. I’m not angry with you, but Please use your old term regarding Our precious Bible. Sincerely Kate DeZeeuw

    1. I agree with you on everything you have said here. I too have cringed when I hear the “Can of King James”. I guess I am old fashioned but the word of my Lord and Savior is sacred to me and I can not refer to it in that way.

      God Bless you Kathleen and Pastor Mike,

      John Wood

      1. Yeah I’m not a big fan of that term either, although I don’t believe it’s offensive or disrespectful, at least not when properly explained. I just don’t prefer it, but I understand the ‘joke’ behind it, and why PM says it.

  2. Love these! I have often wondered why the Gadsden flag depicts a serpent on it. For that reason alone, I don’t use it. I will DEFINITELY use these flags!

  3. Pastor Mike, I just recently found your website and I’m glad to find a bible based teacher who’s not ashamed to preach the “whole counsel of God” regardless of who likes it or not. However, I can’t stand when a bunch of “holier than thou” Christians make a big deal out of a term or phrase being uttered. It’s not like a cuss word was used. That’s why the unbelieving world and even the believing world get annoyed because of these little nit picking sessions. Some things are just not worth arguing about, so I just hope and pray a word like “can” doesn’t “offend” too many more people.

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