4 thoughts on “Pure Bible Study – 11-07-12 The Flood”

  1. Pastor Mike 2 years ago we were involved in a non-denominational church in which I started an intercessory team by request of the pastor. In this role I got to know a lot of people and came to discover that many of them had come from word-faith backgrounds and believed in “prayer languages”, being slain in the spirit, tongues, etc, even though those things weren’t practiced in that church, there were several who met in a Bible Study during a weeknight and they did practice it there. Several of these individuals reported having had dreams and visions of floods coming upon that church. I tried to explain to them what that was, and they were convinced it was a flood of the Holy Spirit. We left that church. There was a huge spirit of division and a lot of demonic stuff that surrounded that church when it all came out into the open. I think you are totally right about these things!

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