Going Home

We enjoyed our visit to Pennsylvania, a beautiful state this time of year. Southwest Radio holds a conference in this area every year and their is always a good turnout. Seeing all these people here and the response they gave to me and all the speakers is very encouraging. There are still good pele around who love the truth. I particularly love the young people that came, that wanted to shale my hand, pose for a picture, and who watch our videos weekly.
We celebrated Noah Hutchngs 90th birthday this weekend. I love that man. He has consistently stood for the Word of God and stood against heresy, including that of Rick Warren. We need more people like him to take his and others place when they are gone.
Lisa, Caleb and I are waiting at the airport to go back home, to be with our friends and family. Tired, but ready to keep the work of the Lord going until He comes.


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  1. You did a great job at the conference and want to see you back next year. You gave alot of information that I really needed to hear about God’s word. You were the best at the conference. Keep letting God use you in this way. Thank you.

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