His Grace Is Sufficient

A year ago today, I met my dad at the emergency room, my sister said he was in quite a bit of pain but we did not know why. When he got there I could tell he was not doing well. I said “Daddy, let’s me and you pray” He said “Yes”. I put
him, his pain, and his life in God’s hands and we thanked God for His grace. 4 minutes later, my dad closed his eyes and heard his name being read from the Lamb’s book of life. I sure miss him.
He taught me how to hunt and how to fish, how to split wood, take care of a car, how to treat your family like your best friends. All of this he taught not with his words, but his actions.

6 thoughts on “His Grace Is Sufficient”

  1. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers; That you all be comforted by God’s Holy Spirit. I shared your post with a dear friend, who’s mother passed just weeks ago, her Mom could no longer communicate at the end, but God gave her a grace: in the final moment, she saw her Mom’s eyes light up and a smile spread across her face. We wonder what glory she was seeing, but know and weep not like those who have no hope. We serve a mighty God, a good God and I thank him daily for you and Bethel Church. Peace to you Pastor Mike. With much love, Paul.

  2. Thank you for sharing with all of us pastor Mike. I feel for your loss. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Pastor Mike. I can see that they are/were very proud of you! You’ll be seeing him again before too long! Amen? Amen! Praise the Lord! Jesus come quickly!

  4. Pastor Mike, it’s a blessing I found your website a year ago…I have not stopped listening to your preaching. I ask Almighty God to continue to bless you and your family & your ministry, thank you for feeding us spiritually..

  5. Thank you for sharing this precious photo with us Pastor Mike and for giving us such an example through hard times of loss. I can’t even imagine your pain since I have my two parents alive, but you really show me how a real Christian show his faith wen it really hurts. God Bless You Pastor Mike!

  6. I just saw this picture of your dear dad today Pastor Mike. Your dad has a sweet expression in his eyes. I know how it feels to miss a loved one. Thank you for sharing this precious picture. We may rejoice knowing to see all our love ones again once we are with our Lord Jesus. God bless you Pastor Mike.

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