Graphical Witness

Here are some graphical witness posters I have been working on lately. I have been posting them on facebook and they have been copied and shared by many. You can click on each one and then copy or save it, and distribute it on your facebook page, emails, etc.

20120708-215530.jpg 20120708-215548.jpg 20120708-215605.jpg


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  1. GREAT, and very insightful. I really appreciate your ministry and stand for the truth. Still praying for you and yours (actually they are God’s, placed on loan to you.)

    • I have to agree. Pastor Mike is truly blessed..I always come away with a fresh new view of scripture when I watch any of his videos. I enjoyed his July 19, 2012 explanation of the Catholic Institution..

  2. Great pictures, will post them on my facebook….the following is one I posted on my facebook after someone placed something similar. They had something worldy, I gave them my King James interpretation of their saying:

    *GOD has 3 letters, but so does SIN…
    *LIFE has 4 letters, but so does DEAD…
    *JESUS has 5 letters, but so does SATAN…
    *SALVATION has 9 letters, but so does PERDITION…

    So therefore it is either REPENT or PERISH (which both by the way has 6 letters) .

    Isn’t our God WONDERFULL!!!!

    Now this message you can do two things with it….ACCEPT or IGNORE
    (Yes, you may do the counting on the last 2 letters)

    Starting with God you count the letters of LIFE,JESUS,SALVATION, REPENT and ACCEPT and you will get a total of 33 …..

    That was the age of the Lord Jesus Christ when he died on the Cross for your sins and the sins of the whole world

    No coincedences with God

  3. Awsome just another great example that God is truth. praise the lord for pastor mike to help us about Gods word.

  4. This is great Mike! Love it and will certainly be emailing to all my NIV etc Christian friends who cannot grasp the Truth of the KJB!

    God bless you and your ministry Mik

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