If I Were The Devil

If I were the devil, and I knew that there was a sure way that my enemies, The Christians, could defeat me in battle, I would do everything I could to make sure that my enemies would never find out what that was. Here is a screen shot of what the King James Bible says and what the NIV says (or rather doesn’t say.)


8 thoughts on “If I Were The Devil”

  1. I have become increasingly sickened by the deliberate destruction of the Holy Bible by modern publishing houses and ungodly theologians. It is obvious that Satan has targeted the word to leave no remedy for the lost during the final great falling away prior to the fulfillment of the End Times Prophecies.

  2. The way it was revealed to me in prayer is that the King James Bible was born out of persecution by Rome. It was ultimately a death warrant for the translators. All subsequent “translations” were born out of greed (King James is public domain so very little in way of profit), ridicule (“we don’t speak Elizabethan anymore”..or “the King James translators were just a bunch of dummies who didn’t really know what they were doing”…blah blah). Now consider the spirit behind these motives and it’s clear to see what the surer one is! Love your work, Pastor. Keep it going!

  3. That’s why I hold strong to the good old KJV. As you well know, that’s one among many. It makes sense when you think about though. If you have the opportunity to provide your opponent with a sword, you may as well make sure that it’s a dull, blunt, weak sword.

  4. Go to Blue Letter Bible, and click the “V” button at the left of this verse . . . you will see the message, “No text available.” in three modern versions. This is so blatant, it is repugnant.

  5. Dude! Matthew 17:21. Logos and Blue Letter Bible are great resources on the net and are free. Logos has payware, also. And don’t forget the Apps for your web-enabled device.

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