Why I Am Not A Mason

I had the opportunity to visit the House of the Temple Lodge in Washington DC back in 2006. As I toured the interior I saw a multitude of symbols, statues, a massive library that is open to the public, and the grand lodge room itself. It was this room that was featured in Dan Brown’s latest novel The Lost Symbol. In the center of this room, directly underneath a large skylight, symbolizing the light of heaven shining down in favor, was the altar, seen below.


All Masons entering this lodge kneels before this altar, as evidenced by the kneeling pillow on the floor. The problem I have is not necessarily with the altar itself, but what is on this altar.


Shown here is a Bible, a copy of the Tanakh (Jewish scripture), the Koran (Muslim scripture), the Bhagavad Gita (Hindu scripture), and what I believe is some sort of Buddhist text. I will never bow to this. I will not be a Mason.

12 thoughts on “Why I Am Not A Mason”

  1. Thank you Pastor Mike, you are always so amazing with you knowledge of things. To see a picture like this is priceless, and to notice the square and compass on the bible that says Holy Bible. I read just yesterday that 400,000 to 500,000 men of the Baptist whatever are Masons.

  2. My wife and I were invited to an estate sale of a elderly gentleman. When I entered the house the Holy Spirit was on me instantly. I was so uncomfortable. The circuit laid out through the house started in the library.

    It was full of Masonic Books including a 1916 Masonic Bible the size of a small bread box. We then entered one of the bedrooms and the closet was full of old tuxedos. The kind with penguin tails and the dresser was covered with stacks of boxes full of Masonic pins and doodads.

    By this time the Spirit had me in a sweat. I nudged my Wife and told her we were BAILING.

    He was obviously of some Rank in the Order. It was just one eternally creepy experience.

    As we were leaving I noticed most of the men there were wearing Masons rings and the man’s son wanted to chat us up. Followed us to the car.

    Just sharing and would like to point out that our Lord does look after His own. I was just several months from being freshly saved.

  3. I find it interesting that it looks like the ‘so-called-holy bible is placed so it could be opened and also noticed the symbol on the bottom right side of it that are right in front of us.

  4. did anyone else notice that there is possibly one book missing? it looks like there is an space there. just saying.

  5. Hi Pastor Mike,
    My btother is a mason and claims to be a Christian. Is that possible? I am not allowed by him to talk to him about masonry. How can i help him? Your videos are amazing. You have been given a gift of great insight. Thank you so much!

    In His Service,

  6. I always wondered why the ”Tolerance Movement” was so hammered into me when I was in school. Looking at the alter I see that the Masons were behind the movement to remove the Bible from the center of American Life.

  7. Pastor Mike, apologies for the seeming out-of-nowhere reply, I would have emailed privately but did not see a way to do so.

    I was googling for an image of a Masonic Koran and thus came across your page. All masonic lodges (of which the Scottish Rite is an offshoot) are required to have the bible on the altar. In most of countries and jurisdictions, this is the Christian bible because most lodges (especially in the US and Europe), are made up of largely Christian Freemasons.

    The virtue of tolerance is particularly extolled in freemasonry, as is brotherhood. The other religions’ books are not there so that Christians kneel before them, but so that non-Christians might have their book available to them; the same way that you would not want to swear an oath on a book that you do not believe in, the same courtesy is extended to those non-Christian Freemasons.

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