Why I Am Not A Mason


I had the opportunity to visit the House of the Temple Lodge in Washington DC back in 2006. As I toured the interior I saw a multitude of symbols, statues, a massive library that is open to the public, and the grand lodge room itself. It was this room that was featured in Dan Brown’s latest novel The Lost Symbol. In the center of this room, directly underneath a large skylight, symbolizing the light of heaven shining down in favor, was the altar, seen below.


All Masons entering this lodge kneels before this altar, as evidenced by the kneeling pillow on the floor. The problem I have is not necessarily with the altar itself, but what is on this altar.


Shown here is a Bible, a copy of the Tanakh (Jewish scripture), the Koran (Muslim scripture), the Bhagavad Gita (Hindu scripture), and what I believe is some sort of Buddhist text. I will never bow to this. I will not be a Mason.