10 thoughts on “Good Fellowship”

  1. that’s awesome, God bless you all, Gods gift of fellowship flows into the natural as well, loved the Joke about the widow and widower Pastor Reg, 🙂 thank you for the teaching and the fellowship from afar. we all here in Australia appreciate it so much.

  2. Wishing you all a very blessed time and wonderful fellowship from my secret bunker here in the Netherlands … LOL …….
    Thanks for sharing the pictures!

    Very good sermon from Pastor Reg 07.05! Looking forward to hear the other sermons. Thank God we have Harmon and Jazz to put the sermons on the web for those who can’t join in because of other timezones.

  3. I love that Holy Ghost preaching!!!!!! May the Lord bless Pastor Reg for giving the people the word of the Lord –
    The Lord bless you Pastor Mike for sharing these awesome services online with those of us who could not be there –

  4. I spend 8 hrs a day with headphones on at work. Today I found Pastor Reg Kelly on ITunes and downloaded HOURS of wonderful preaching. I listen to him on your radio program but never thought about downloading his sermons from SermonAudio! Thanks Pastor Mike!!!!

  5. Hello Pastor Mike. It’s me, Frank, from the Netherlands. I wanna give Pastor Reg a big hand and thank him for his wonderful, two edged sharpened sword services. Packed with some nice humor.

    Keep up the good work and may God bless the two of you and everyone at Bethel Church.


  6. I wanna come bring my family up there to yours and or Reg Kellys church, we way down here in Ga. Looking for good preachin. Would love to come to hear yall next time . Know any good preachin like yall got down here?

    1. I live in Europe, the Netherlands, no good fellowship here. Wish i could join you !! Too expensive for me (widow) to take a trip otherwise i would surely visit …… Thanks for the internet and all te possibilities
      i listen a lot through the internet.

  7. i have no good fellowship here but praise God for the internet…. i never thought I’d say this but the Internet has become to me a blessing. Thank you Pastor Mike and all the likeminded friends out there.

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