6 thoughts on “The First Secret Broadcasting Studio”

  1. I loved it! When I saw you first I really though you were in a TV studio! I can’t really say you tricked me Pastor Mike, but I can say Smart Pastor Mike! You did for free what others think they need to ask million dollar seeds for! Should we really go and spread grass seeds on their front yards? Hahahaha!!!!

  2. The Bunker is much smaller than I thought, I was expecting the best luxurious housing Festus could offer.

  3. Before the Bunker….there was the “Prophecy Club”. I use to listen to all the political commentators like Neal Boortz and the like.

    I remember hearing him go on a rant about how one of his affiliates had dropped his show in Texas to air the Prophecy Club in his noontime slot.

    And much to his aggravation they had some “clown” on who only believed in the KJV English translation of the Bible.

    I can remember thinking “How thick can you be!”

    Now four years later I spend ALL my time in the “Bunker” along with Pastor Mike and thousands of others.

    Praise the Lord and His many Blessings!

  4. I’ll never forget when I first was introduced to you’re Videos.

    The “Wolves in Sheeps Clothing” Watchman Broadcast, you were telling us to be wary of the “Flashy” apperance or churches that seem to have a lot of money.

    Being a “conspiracy theorist” I thought “I got em’…… with the falshing monitors in the back ground and the Studio board behind you, it appeared that you were a wolve in sheeps clothing.

    So I called youo on it and you had promptly replied to my message explaining that you ahd got the background off of moviesets.com for I think around 10 to 20 bucks.

    Rightfully so, I felt so foolish and from then on I have been so captivated by your WBV’s.

    Thank You fro all you do Pastor Mike.

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