8 thoughts on “Views From The Secret Broadcasting Bunker”

  1. Is that the secret Broadcasting Bunker!!! Is that the awesome TV studio that we see??? I though it was bigger! You are so clever! No need for all the money TBN spends in their facilities then and the content its so much better! Well done! and thank you once again for letting us have a little look! God bless you Pastor Mike! (✿◠‿◠)

  2. I was wondering what colour the backdrop was. On one of the Watchman broadcasts when you held up a comic, it went see through to the background.

  3. I have always wondered how large your “secret bunker” actually is; now I know. Great setup, I wish I had the lights and green screen & (especially) that camera. The one I saw on Dell is $3,000 and some change. The one I have is a Sony HandyCam DCR-SR68 with an 80 GB drive. The one you have has a mic which is much better than the one on the HandyCam. Well, I am glad that the Lord hath blessed thee with that setup. (I mean what I just said)

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