The Watchers List

The duplicators are duplicating….


The printers are printing….


And the pizza on the table is all gone….


The Watchers List Packets will be going out later this week. I think we are up to around 700 packets we will be shipping out. In this months packets will be

1. The Giants parts 1 and 2
2. The Missing Piece and The Serpent and the Egg – Watchman Video Broadcast
3. Sunday Sermon DVD
4. All Bible studies on audio cd (mp3 format)
5. Pastor Mike Online Teaching on Tongues – DVD

If you would like to be put on this monthly mailing list just let us know. Please consider a monthly donation to help us with this enormous task (approximately 3,500 disks will be sent out this week alone).

4 thoughts on “The Watchers List”

  1. Thank you Pastor Mike, God Bless you, we love you! Can’t wait to get them, its so cool to be able to see the hub! Andy, Ileana and Gerardo from Australia (✿◠‿◠)

  2. God Love and continue to Bless each one of your generous hearts for all you do in his Kingdom xx
    Blessed be the Name of the LORD

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