27 thoughts on “Part 3 of The Giants”

  1. I am downloading part 2 now mike, when I have all 3 parts I will make a movie length dvd and distribute it around my lot.. Thank you Mike for all your hard work and obedience..Love ya Mate, God Bless

  2. This series on the giants especialy part 2, Wow, wow. In my heart I would just not believe that it was men who came down from a mountain and mated with women. What is special about that! Your description of “sons of God” is spot on and so well thought out and led by scripture. You have opened up the bible in a way I have been craving for years but didn’t know how to wrap my mind around. The Lord working through you has taught me the berean skills I have prayed for. Your approach to the bible is what is so desperately needed to give out the gospel and show the lost that this is the one and only living book that will give you peace and understanding of what has happened and what will happen and how you can play a part. God bless you Pastor, I felt your frustration last Thursday on Pastor Mike Live about the tongues, I wanted to give you a electronic pat on the back. Stay in the fight brother, you are much needed

  3. Enjoyed your videos. The ones of the giants have opened my mind to see what is going in the world today.
    Thanks keep up the good work.

    Hope you feel better, i saw the Sunday Services

    Roy from Alabama

  4. Wow! lots of notes! That’s how you do it…. I love that you are letting us see this Pastor Mike thank you. No Mystery Religion here hey!
    God Bless You!!!

  5. Love your information on the Giants. I thought the verse on the flying serpents and Quetzelcotal was hilarious. I never thought of that before.

  6. We are loving the giant study in our house, especially part 2. Can’t wait for part 3!

  7. Giants study is very interesting and right out of the word of God! I’m glad to know theirs people who can recognize the truth when they see it! thanks pastor Mike for keeping it real

  8. I love ya Brother and I’m thankful the Lord lead me to you. Really enjoying the GIANT study (without Enoch). I’m trying to pass the word, but too often it falls on deaf ears, even in my own house. Thank you for being faithful to the word.

  9. Brother Mike, you Giants series is not only vital, it is phenomenal. Understanding and believing in what God has done in the past is indeed the key to believing and understanding what God is going to do in the near future. Believing in what Lucifer has been up to since Gen 6, puts what the Greeks and others believed about their gods into perspective, it also puts what is happening today leading to the introduction of the “Man of perdition” and the signing of the seven year peace for land deal more visible.

    Many churches have fallen away from the truth of the Gospel, and the people don’t even believe it. All part of Satan’s plan.

    They are teasing people today with news stories of how close we are to a new “cure” for aging and disease, and I can see and understand what this is all about now, thanks to your ministry.

    God is using you to open the eyes of those who will listen to you, and open our hearts and minds to spread God’s good news that is presented in the KJV.

    I could say much more … but then again, maybe Thanks for caring and being brave enough to tell us the truth, will be sufficient.

    John Henry Reaves

  10. Your teaching on the spiritual/ supernatural reality has helped to restore my sanity… as a new Christian and “KNOWING” the Genesis 6 thing was about “Fallen Angels” mating with humans. But it is distressing to believe this from seeing all the dots and where they lead to… especially when even most Christians reject the belief that this happened. The comfort (and sanity) comes from how you pull out the scriptures that tie all the evidence together and make it undeniable. I may not “like it” that the angels did what they did, but knowing the truth is EVERYTHING, and a huge relief!

  11. Thank you Ps Mike this series really makes you remember Gods providence in our lives. The things that these giants got up to as well makes your blood curl, it disgusts me the practices of them praise God for destroying them.

  12. I echo all that has been said above, my understanding of the KJB has been phenomenally opened to the Truth of Gods’s written Word and my love for God’s Word and and for Jesus is more alive than ever before!

    I thank God that He led me to your ministry Mike as it has been a true spiritual breakthrough for me!

    God bless you Mike

  13. HAPPY FRIDAY— Peace, love and sunshine from Ephrata Pa/ Yes the sky is brightening, and the sun is beginning to show…Its is great to be alive, and know why we are here…Keep looking up..Alan

  14. I wanted to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for guiding me to find you, Pastor Mike. You have helped me to find the narrow path of my KING JAMES BIBLE.
    Angelica Traub

  15. Just want to praise Jesus for leading me to find your study. I have found the narrow path on my KJ Bible. I have shared the Giants study with my friends and also with my brother in South America. Angelica Traub

  16. Hi pastor Mike because of your faithfulness my husband who stopped believing the word of God and said it was man made is now listening to the scriptures and said yes he can believe King James version is true and can see the manmade flaws in the others . He now asks me every night before we retire to watch a mike hoggard LOL Praise the Lord for you Mike . God Bless Ann B Yorkshire

    1. Hi Pastor Mike

      I have just finished watching Part 3 of The Giants; it took some time as my PC kept freezing so in the end I downloaded it to Real Player! Oh, boy! what a revelation there is so much to take in but in my heart and spirit I know that all you said was and is true!

      I am going to have to take time to mediate on what I have learned!

      May God bless you and all your ministry. I am looking forward to your Mike online tomorrow.


      1. I also am excited at the revelation the Lord gives to pastorMike .His teaching always reveals something new yet is in scripture .I could never go back to the other versions and pastors .God bless all of you Ann b west Yorkshire uk

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